The VRI is a creative community space in Latrobe Valley.

The project is a partnership between Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House Inc. and ReActivate Latrobe Valley Ltd.

We value learning by doing and doing more with less.

The hall is open Monday to Friday from 9am – 3pm.

For any enquiries about The VRI call Joh Lyons – 0419 568 772 or email

The Work for the Dole program operates every day with three projects:

Lawn Mower Repair – Participants learn to repair and maintain lawnmowers which are then sold to the public at a low cost for people who are in need. 

Garden to Market – We grow food which is sold to our local hospitality businesses. 

Hall Crew – A team of participants who keep the hall clean, maintained and engage with a number of activities including community lunches, Digital Shed help, minor repairs and a variety of projects that happen in the space. 

Stay up to date with our events on Facebook –

Thursday’s Alt Art meet at 11.00, all welcome -for details check – Alt_Art 
Friday – LV Digital Shed 

Serving the Valley hospitality training courses are held at The VRI on a regular basis. For more information on upcoming classes see below. 

Below are the current classes: